“When spatial elements and intellectual thoughts came together as an integral, it transformed…and became a harmonious moment that stays in human’s mind indefinitely.”

With specialized training and practice in both Architecture and Interior Design and more than 15 years of work experience, Mr. Lee brings a holistic design approach to the team. He understands hotel, resort and retail environments from the building envelope to the finest details in the fabrics. Working closely with the client to understand their goals, he leads the design team to sets the tone for the desired guest experience. With his critical eye and background in interior architecture, Gordon works with the team to craft the space in order to bring the client’s vision to life.

Gordon’s keen sense of creativity does not stop with creating the design or selection of FF&E, he employs his mastery of visualization tools to help the client see three dimensionally and fully understand the design before any construction begins. He has the technical skills to communicate with each member of the team: consultants, architects, owner and contractor to make sure the design intent is fully realized.

His client appreciate his ability to see the project from many perspective and to communicate with all disciplines to achieve results.