Columbia Place Dual Branded Hotel

Washington, D.C.

Columbia Place is a story of duality. This single hotel operates under two flags that harmoniously coexist in an architectural shell that incorporates several historic rowhouses into a new-build architectural shell, serving to enhance the duality narrative.

Natural juxtapositions in design and amenities lend themselves to an interior palette of contrasting design elements. A pairing of organic and geometric shapes emerges as a design thread that can be found throughout the space.

Playing off how the guest moves and utilizes the property, the design has an ebb and flow of energy levels, and a richness of new materials enhanced by the original brick rowhouse facades. Lively organic zones for the arrival, check-in, bar and lounge experiences graduate up to the punctuated rigid geometry of the second floor meeting spaces. Continuing up through the guest levels these experiences seamlessly combine resulting a structured yet calming experience.

Photography by Andrew Rugge, Courtesy Perkins Eastman