The owners’ vision of creating a place that Jay Gatsby would be proud to own comes to life in this 1920’s era hotel renovation.  Designing the interiors of the Read House to convey the essence of a glamorous bygone era while interpreting the story of a mysterious tycoon and his lavish, slightly dangerous and always alluring lifestyle was a memorable experience. 

The hotel has wonderful existing interior architectural elements and embellishments, particularly in the Lobby, the Promenade, the Green Room, and the Silver Ballroom, now dressed in new finishes as a stage for the events and experiences that each guest has when they visit or stay in the hotel.  Likewise, the spaces we created, such as the Lobby Lounge, the Billiard Room, and Bridgeman’s Chop House, have distinct personalities and energy, created with traditional millwork but extravagant finishes and opulent decoration.  Every space exudes glamor and feels as if Jay Gatsby himself could appear at any moment.  The design includes a dose of bling in every space and some unexpected areas such as the ruby red upholstered seating niche in the lobby, where guests can be slightly removed from the action but still view the action or the restored original phone booths where guests can’t resist posing for an Instagram photo.